Event-Driven Learning

Krafty Farms brings structured, event-driven horticultural learning to Greenville, blending the joys of gardening with community celebration

Krafty Farms Community Initiative

Performance & Horticulture Fusion

Garden-Themed Performances:

  • Our garden will serve as the stage for unique performances that blend the world of dance with horticulture. Think interpretative dances representing the life cycle of plants or the changing of seasons.

Local Musical Acts:

  • Krafty Farms will collaborate with Greenville's musicians to add an ambient background as attendees explore the garden and join workshops.

Local Partnerships

Engage Local Horticulture Enthusiasts:

  • Collaborate with local gardening experts who can offer workshops or mentorship programs, both during the event and throughout the year.

School Collaboration:

  • Partner with schools in Greenville to weave gardening into their curriculum, leading to active student participation during our main event.