About us

Who We Are:

Nehemiah Economic Development Association is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization formally known as One Body One Source. Founded in 2022, our community-based organization aims to serve the community by providing services that enhance social well-being and produce economic and financial stability. We envision an equitable community where everyone can become prosperous. Our organization developed the Krafty Academy program to empower marginalized youth through personal and professional developmental skills.

Our Vision:

To be at the forefront of innovative and inclusive education, molding individuals who are not just career-ready but also future leaders, community builders, and lifelong learners.

desk globe on table
desk globe on table
people walking near US Capitol Building under white cloudy skies
people walking near US Capitol Building under white cloudy skies

Our Mission:

At Krafty Academy, our mission is to cultivate the next generation of skilled professionals and agricultural enthusiasts. We believe in hands-on education, providing real-world experience to 11th and 12th graders, college students up to the age of 25, and individuals of all ages passionate about agriculture. Through our distinct Krafty Come Up and Krafty Grow Up programs, we champion tech agriculture, horticulture, and the timeless values of sustainable farming. We're more than an academy; we're a movement, fostering growth from the ground up.

Our Story:

Founded by a group of industry professionals who recognized a gap in traditional education, Krafty Academy was born out of a need for practical, hands-on learning experiences. Over the years, we have grown into a vibrant community of passionate educators, eager students, and supportive industry partners. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of what education can achieve, crafting a future where every individual can realize their potential.


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What We Offer

  • Cognitive Skills Development

  • Pre-Apprenticeship training

  • Apprenticeship training

  • Mentoring & Tutoring

  • Community Engagement

  • Career Advancement & Job Placement

  • Personal & Professional Development

  • Arts & Literature

Empowerment Through Education: Offer practical courses tailored to the evolving demands of the industry, ensuring our learners are always a step ahead.

Community Building: Foster a supportive, diverse community where everyone is encouraged to share, learn, and grow.

Real-World Alignment: Engage continually with industry insiders, updating our curriculum to reflect real-world needs and opportunities.


Whether you're a budding professional seeking skills for the future, an industry expert eager to give back, or a business looking to collaborate, Krafty Academy welcomes you. Join us on this exciting journey of learning, growth, and transformation.