Krafty Come-Up: We Sponsor apprenticeship programs designated for apprentices who will learn and work under specialized skilled trades.

Our Mission

"Krafty Come Up empowers today's overlooked and underserved talent to become tomorrow's leaders in various industries. Through hands-on apprenticeships and holistic development programs, we provide a launching pad for individuals at risk to realize their untapped potential. Together, we're crafting futures and redefining what success can look like for everyone."

Our vision

"Imagine a world where barriers to professional success are dismantled and replaced by opportunity and mentorship. A world where every young person, regardless of their background, has the skills, knowledge, and emotional intelligence to lead in their chosen field. Krafty Come Up aims to create that world—one individual at a time."

Why Choose Krafty Come Up:

Our strength lies in our individuality. Set up by NEDA Solutions, the team strives to bring in the best talent in various fields, from commercial construction to digital marketing and filming.

Personal Development: Our programs are not just about job skills; they are about life skills. Gain the confidence and emotional intelligence you need to succeed.
Hands-On Experience: Learn by doing. Our apprenticeships offer real-world experience that puts you ahead in the job market.
Industry Expertise: Learn from professionals who are leaders in their fields, giving you an insider's view of the industry.
Hip-Hop Therapy: In partnership with Greater Good Enterprise, we offer mental health resources and support, for At-Risk Youth.